Through our ongoing work with healthcare professionals Innervate Ltd had identified and recognised how ongoing developments and advances in clinical genetics was having implications for patient care. Consequently we worked with a group of health professionals with a specialist interest in genetics and the Primary Care Genetics Society (PCGS) was born.

The Society was established to support and facilitate the education of primary care professionals (PCPs), in response to the increasing interest of the public in genetics and it’s relevance to a better understanding of the illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 


The overarching aim of the Society was to support and facilitate the educational needs of PCPs, helping translate the continuing advances in clinical genetics into practice to address the concerns or questions that patients may have.

The objects were to increase awareness, stimulate interest and research in clinical genetics amongst primary care professionals by:

(a) Supporting primary care professionals (PCPs) with an interest in clinical genetics through the delivery of education and information by working in partnership with professional and patient organisations, patients, carers and their families;

(b) Identifying new opportunities to provide information and education to PCPs with the aim of improving the care of people concerned with issues relevant to clinical genetics;

(c) Supporting primary care professionals (PCPs) as they seek to maximize the quality of life and wellbeing of their patients presenting with concerns relating to clinical genetics;

(d) Help to improve diagnosis and appropriate referral of people with inherited conditions through to specialist services;

(e) Help to relate advances in clinical genetics to general practice medicine.

(f) Connecting appropriate individuals, organisations and sponsors together to develop learning networks and enable the efficient dissemination of information and education to PCPs;