Emotions Survey

The emotions survey is one in which Innervate Ltd invited people to share their thoughts and views relating to key words that they may use through life to describe an emotion. 

We ran this survey as part of the "Trauma Informed" research process to recognise the significance of emotions, resulting from either a physical or mental life event.
The driving force behind this research comes from the lived experience of Dr Neil Bindemann, the MD of Innervate Ltd. Neil was diagnosed with a non malignant brain tumour in 2015. He is also the person behind the creation of:

On this page you can review results from a survey that asked the following question:

" From this list [a list of emotion words presented in the survey], please select, by clicking the box next to a word, 18 words you are most likely to use, at anytime going forward in your life, which could/would help you describe a feeling/emotion about any aspect of your life (not necessarily right now). A good range of emotion words (from positive to negative) within that selection is what we are interested in..."

By using the dropdown below, you can select one of the words listed in the survey eg 'Anxious', and then you will be presented with two charts showing the other emotion words most frequently selected by all those people who selected 'Anxious', divided into whether they experienced a significant life event or not. 


All survey responses (unfiltered)


When comparing charts, please also note the difference between the no of +ve emotion words vs -ve emotions, ranked in the top 15.