Lifepsychol was created to be an easy-to-use, patient-driven system which is bringing meaning to quality of life. It enabled people to define their own quality life issues and then record how their quality of life changed whilst living with a long-term, chronic condition. As well as providing structure and focus for a consultation, completing a lifepsychol at regular intervals helped people with long-terms conditions and their health professionals monitor and manage any changes that may have impacted upon their quality of life.

The lifepsychol digital dial monitored 12 key issues. User’s were able to select which areas that they felt were pertinent to their quality of life and add them to their lifepsychol. Service providers used Lifepsychol to monitor key areas that their service is set up to support. For example, it was possible to fix a set number of issues and then leave the remaining issues open for the patients to select from. The issues included, but were not limited to:

  • Anger and frustration
  • Domestic tasks
  • Energy levels/fatigue
  • Financial situation
  • Independence
  • Mobility/physical function
  • Mood (anxiety and depression)
  • Pain
  • Relationships
  • Sleep
  • Social life/hobbies
  • Work life

The selection of areas was based on research which highlighted particular issues that patients frequently wished to discuss when talking about how their illness interfered with their life.

With the input of various colleagues and patients, we created a system that not only helped people give a detailed insight into changes in their quality of life, but it also linked users to supporting information to help them with various challenges they faced whilst living with a long term or life-threatening condition.

We believe that, at the very least, Lifepsychol helped and encouraged people living with a life-threatening of long-term condition to discuss their quality of life issues with their health professional. After all, as one person who completed the Lifepsychol survey very poignantly remarked, “Don’t ever make assumptions about what others may value in their quality of life – ask them!”

As the digital system was developed using Flash and that technology is no longer supported, Innervate has taken the opportunity to supersede Lifepsychol with a new system, Smartracker, which we will be launched later this year (2021).

Further background on Lifepsychol