The Mealwheel® was developed to help teach people (young and old) that the types of food they choose to eat on a regular basis, for their main meal, should be considered alongside their level of physical activity. With the 3 main food groups pictured on one side and the corresponding percentages on the reverse, the Mealwheel® helps people appreciate the sort of food and the balance of food types they should be eating, particularly when thinking about their level of physical activity.

Supported by the National Obesity Forum and developed with the expert input of a dietitian, the Mealwheel®, through its unique design, helps to support the UK “Change for Life” campaign.

Fully adjustable

The adjustability of the Mealwheel® is the key to this novel device. Supporting a tailored approach to dietary management, it helps people understand the lifestyle changes that may be required in order to bring about or maintain a healthy weight. You can use it to move the proportions of carbohydrate, protein and vegetables in to a position which depicts what a person is currently eating, and then you can readjust it to show what dietary changes may be required, keeping in mind any alterations to physical activity.

The Mealwheel® is designed as a general support tool and guide dietary advice. It is not intended to, and does not in anyway substitute for professional medical guidance. Always seek the advice of a physician, registered dietitian or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any medical condition or questions you may have.

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