Why Medicine needs Rethinking?

Last evening I spend some time creating this visual. It is to help express a personal view concerning traditional medicine.

It is to offer explanation as to why I think we are seeing many people turning to a Lifestyle Medicine approach. In essence traditional medicine has become about medications to treat illness & organs and in reference to the Rethinking Medicine movement lead by Drs Alf Collins and Martin Marshall, it definitely needs rethinking.

Whatever people’s views about the term Lifestyle Medicine, at the very least it acknowledges that we are people who have a life to live and enjoy.

I’m also of the view that many illnesses are unfortunately born out of the lifestyle(s) we may have been born into, and by keeping the person central and with the right guidance it is possible to steer them toward a ‘more useful side of life’ – a term from Alfred Adler’s ‘Individual Psychology’.