“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” Socrates

I hope this images has sufficiently sparked your curiosity to start reading this post, which is to simply to share a few thoughts about ‘change’, especially when it is unplanned/forced and therefore often very unwelcome. But even when planned it comes with it challenges. It can throw mind into chaos, triggering significant #stress and #anxiety for many. 

Last night I spoke with Sarah Boxx from the No Labels No Limits Podcast, base out in the West Coast of the US. We touched on the moment in 2015 when my life was thrown into #chaos. It was, as I have previously mentioned, the moment the ‘reset button’ was pressed; when an unplanned, enforced, and certainly at that point a very ‘unwelcome’ change began.

Yesterday, almost seven years on, suddenly I realised, when looking at the image to accompany the word PEACE, that my ‘journey of change’ had reached a significant moment, one which by sharing here, I hope is of use to others. 

A few years ago, when I had, what I can only describe as, the mind of a ‘conventional’ #neuroscientist, the word ‘energy’ for me, was only associated with the likes of ‘the ability to do #work; to #walk and #bicycle , to move cars along roads and boats through water, to cook #food on stoves, to make ice in freezers, to light our homes and offices, to manufacture products, and to send astronauts into space.’

Not now. 

It is the very fact that the image I selected provides a visual way to relay what for me I have discovered as the ‘deeper’ meaning of #peace (especially when relating it to inner peace). 

Today, I write with #hope, that like the ripples in this image, and by being connected with you, the power of #healing energy transmitted from a single person (be it you or me) which come by discovering that inner peace, can have far reaching desirable effects. 

It is also my hope that by sharing this truly wonderful poem “Life Lessons from a Butterfly”, it offers you a few words of #comfort to share with anyone you know, who may be just starting out or already a few ‘miles’ along, what is probably going to feel like a very dark and rocky road, but one that can enable them, with you guidance, to discover the light at the end of the tunnel and their inner peace.  

You may also find this short one and half minute video useful. I pulled it together with some of the wonderful members of the brainstrust Facebook community for #braintumourawarenessmonth in 2021