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Curiate is a new online learning platform brought to you by Innervate Ltd. in partnership with the Skills Network. Curiate is launching with a range of ready-made online short courses to help with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We have plans to create new courses as the platform grows.

All of Curiate’s short bite-sized CPD courses are interactive and engaging, and take an average of two hours to complete. All courses are auto-marked, meaning that feedback is instant, and a CPD certificate is issued to you on completion of all courses.

Existing users can find the site at: To sign up and browse some of the courses we offer, click the button below.

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Events management – live, virtual, face to face and recorded

We have worked in healthcare event creation and management since 2001. Our work includes working in partnership with healthcare professionals and organisations, suggesting speakers, content and developing an engaging agenda and structure of an event. We look at different ways to bring people together and enable networking. Our work is primarily focused on supporting the education of health professionals across primary, secondary and community care. The aim of our involvement it to always give consideration to content that will support the relationship between professionals and the general public. 

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Education and Communication

Our 20 years plus work in healthcare and medical education has lead us to create various aids and tools designed to support the communication process and relationships between the general public and healthcare professionals. You will find examples of our work on our website, which includes our public health tool to support healthy eating, the Mealwheel, and Lifepsychol a online took to help people monitor and discuss various quality of life (QoL) issues.

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Website & App Creation

We have been creating website and apps for 20 years. Our latest website is the home of the Lifestyle Health Foundation, launched in Sept 2021 and which you can reach at The Lifestyle Health Foundation is learning and teaching how lifestyle health from birth through life helps prevent and heal acquired mind injuries. 

Innervate is also delighted to be supporting the Foundation through the creation of the new Smarttracker app, which you can learn more about from our “Innervations” section.

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Organisations and Networks

We have been work in partnership with healthcare professionals and patient groups since 2001. That includes the creation and management of organisation of the Primary care and Community Neurology Society and the Community Therapists Network stimulating various educational initiatives to support their work with people living with long term and life-threatening chronic conditions. Through our ‘Secretariat Services’, we also now run the Society for Research in Rehabilitation. You will find examples of our work with various organisations and networks on our website. If you would like our assistance, we will happily work with you to identify where there may be gaps in service provision and therefore how we can support you in helping to fill those gaps, through offering creative input. 

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Connect with us today

Our mission, as you will read in the “About” page is to stimulate connections that lead to the creation & sharing of respected & trusted resources, to support people through challenging times.

Based in South East London, our work can connects us with people and organisations across the UK, virtually and physically. If you would like to learn more about our work, please fo have a look through our website. If you’d like to a member of the team, then you will be can get in touch from here.

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We are delighted to be highlighting the following organisations who we work in partnership with. To find out more about any of these organisations please click on any of the blocks below..

Latest from our partners

In this section we are highlighting some of the work we do with our partners.

We thrilled to announce the launch of the Lifestyle Health Foundation, a Community Interest Company, learning and teaching how lifestyle health from birth through life helps prevent & heal acquired mind injuries.    

To celebrate the launch we are delighted to share this video which you will also find at

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#keto2021 has now officially opened in @BrightonHoveCC bringing clinicians & scientists from around the world together to present latest growing evidence base to support people with #neuro conditions being more aware of how #keto #ketogenic #foods can improve #qualityoflife

A key week ahead in #ketoscience: the latest research showcasing the science of why #keto #ketogenic can make a difference to the #qualityoflife of many people living with #neuroconditions including #epilepsy #migraine at #keto2021 organised by @matthewsfriends We’re there!

@dwdisorder @stigmainthebin @Seonaidanderso2 @tourettesaction @BPSOfficial @Therapists_C @Therapy_Minded @UKTherapyGuide @The_HCPC @BABCP @NeuroAlliance @TouretteAssn As well as being on our Steering Committee @JGarethNoble is on the new #personcentred #neurosciences committee @communityneuro along with @miguelmateas with #Neurodiversity #livedexperiences founded by @nbinders with his #braintumour lived experience.

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One week to go until our NE Scotland regional public meeting. Join local GPs, healthcare professionals and patients for a chance to learn more about lifestyle medicine and supporting people with chronic illness 👉
W/ @adaezeifezulike + Dr Julie Gray

"Sleep is a cornerstone for human health ... and is such an easy intervention." London-based junior doctor Anant Shah shares his #1change for improving health + wellbeing. For more info on our #1change campaign 👉 #lifestylemedicine

BSLM has welcomed a landmark government report this month into over-prescribing in England.

The review, lead by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, has suggested that over-prescribing represents a serious problem in our society.


BSLM has welcomed a landmark government report this month into over-prescribing in England.

The review, lead by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, has suggested that over-prescribing represents a serious problem in our society.


Through an expanded relationship, NHS Scotland will offer @wearebighealth’s digital therapeutics for #anxiety & #insomnia to all adults, providing more than five million people access to cognitive behavioural therapy
#digitalhealth #mentalhealth #GIANT2021

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It's #WorldStrokeDay on Friday 29th & we're promoting the key message:

Time is brain - save #Precioustime by knowing the signs of #stroke & dialing 999

People may miss out on potentially life saving treatment by arriving at hospital too long after their symptoms started

Brain injury survivors and carers can support research by becoming involved in how the research is carried out. Find out more on 20th Oct register at @NIHRinvolvement @UKABIF @HeadwayUK

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We’re also delighted to be attending, to provide a session on the significance of recording #outcomes #data in service transformation with Prof Pam Enderby who is on a panel which includes @kurtstat who talks on how to present data in an engaging way + @KathrynMoyse from @RCSLT


Please register and put our session on your diary @thecsp #VPUK #physio21 #reasonableadjustments

#WorldMentalHealthDay for us is all about how #lifestylehealth prevents an #acquiredmindinjury using #gardening #nature #movement #play #arts #crafts #food #drink #social & #emotional feeling/interest. Come and visit us at

Andy Leam@Postieroo


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On this page are various products that Innervate have either created or we use as part of the work we do. 


JOIN-UP, which we are in the midst of building and is to be launched later this year, is being piloted through the creation of epilepsy Quality of Life (eQOL). eQOL has been developed as part of our work for the Primary care and Community Neurology (P-CNS) in partnership with Base 8 Innovations and Nutricia, and forms part of a larger project, Join Up, which we will be launching later this year.

For close to 20 years, Innervate has stimulated and supported partnerships between healthcare professionals and patients. Our focus continues to be on optimising quality of life, as highlighted by our latest resource, eQOL (epilepsy Quality of Life).

If you wish to learn more about eQOL and help us support all the great work which epilepsy charities around the world are doing to offer hope for people and families living with epilepsy, then click here to ‘join-up’ today.