Curiate: A new learning platform

Curiate is a new online learning platform brought to you by Innervate Ltd. in partnership with the Skills Network. Curiate is launching with a range of ready-made online short courses to help with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We have plans to create new courses as the platform grows.

All of Curiate’s short bite-sized CPD courses are interactive and engaging, and take an average of two hours to complete. All courses are auto-marked, meaning that feedback is instant, and a CPD certificate is issued to you on completion of all courses.

Existing users can find the site at: To sign up and browse some of the courses we offer, click the button below.

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Healthcare events

We have worked in healthcare event creation and management since 2001. Our work includes working with healthcare professionals and organisations, suggesting content and developing an engaging agenda and structure of an event. We look at different ways to bring people together and enable networking. Our work is primarily focused on supporting the education of health professionals across primary, secondary and community care. The aim of our involvement it to always give consideration to content that will support the relationship between professionals and the general public. 

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Education & Communication

Our work in healthcare and medical education has lead us to create various visual aids and multimedia tools designed to support communication between the general public and healthcare professionals. You will find more details and examples of our work on our website, which includes our public health tool, to support healthy eating, the Mealwheel, and our significant interest in supporting quality of life (QoL), via the development of the QoL monitoring tool, Lifepsychol.

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Organisations and Networks

Innervate has worked in partnership with healthcare professionals and patient groups since 2001, stimulating the development of various educational initiatives to support their work with people living with long term and life-threatening chronic conditions. Through our ‘Secretariat Services’ our work has lead us to support the establishment and run of different organisations with the aim of closing a gap in education provision and support. You will find examples of our work with various organisations and networks on our website. If you would like out assistance we can work with you to identify where there may be gaps in medical and healthcare education provision and help you to fill that gap through offering creative input. 

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Connect with us today

Our mission, as you will read in the “About” page is to stimulate connections that lead to the creation & sharing of respected & trusted resources, to support people through challenging times.

Based in South East London, our work can connects us with people and organisations across the UK, virtually and physically. If you would like to learn more about our work, please fo have a look through our website. If you’d like to a member of the team, then you will be can get in touch from here.

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We are delighted to be highlighting the following organisations who we work in partnership with. To find out more about any of these organisations please click on any of the blocks below..

Latest from our partners

In this section we are highlighting some of the work we do with our partners. As we recently celebrated Lifestyle Medicine week, #LMWeek, we sharing with you this short video, created to offer the public and health professionals a perspective on why engaging children and helping them to appreciate the significant of lifestyle, is so important.  Plus a link to the recently launched Podcasts, which will be developed over the coming months. 

Latest from the Community Therapists Network

TOMs CONNECT 2020 – is a virtual event access to the event that commenced on the 4th of Nov, and runs  until the end of the month. It includes presentations from people across the UK who have considerable experience of integrating and embedding TOMs into their services, providing various practical tips to support any service who is starting off in their ‘journey’ of using TOMs. Take a look at what is covered and enjoy the welcome webinar from here

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In today's #NeuroSocial group we were delighted to welcome our first guest speaker, @nbinders. Neil has taken his experience after #neurosurgery to support quality of life and mental health. Thank you for attending the session, Neil! To join #NeuroSocial:

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BSLM members can now enjoy a 20% discount on membership of the Royal Society of Medicine. And @RoySocMed members can enjoy the same discount when joining BSLM. Find out more at

We’re offering our Instagram followers a chance to win a place on this one-day #stress management online course delivered by consultant psychiatrist @drsarmilasinha for #healthcare professionals this May!

Head over to our Instagram page to find out more!

What’s the key to a good work/life balance? Dr Emma Short, author of ‘A Prescription for Healthy Living: A Guide to Lifestyle Medicine’ will have some answers at our free member webinar on April 20:

Join Dr Erica and Dr Linda for a special Afternoon Tea with Docs this Sunday at 5pm. They will be joined by Consultant Endocrinologist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician Dr Karen Adamson.

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17.9m work days were lost to work related stress in 2019/20. If your job causes you stress try working through the problems with your manager. More tips are here #stressawarenessmonth @WomenintheCity @SigSpn @Gpnsnn @WeNurses @NHSEmployers @BASW_UK

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Please work with us teaching our wonderful students & carrying out research & social responsibility
3 lecturer posts
This school has Athena Swan Silver 👩🏾‍🎓🧕🏼👨🏽‍🦽👩🏼‍💻👨‍👧‍👦
RT pl @NeleDemeyere @DrTerryQuinn @KaterinaHilari @Rehab_Research

Categorisation of goals set using Goal Attainment Scaling for treatment of leg spasticity: a multicentre analysis
Also published today 'Disability & Rehabilitation'
@LNWH_NHS @rehabresearchuk @ACPIN_UK @RCPLondon @RCOT_NP

Latest paper from the IVIS study has been published. Free limited time access here; All about presence or absence of visual symptoms in stroke survivors who have visual problems @LivUniIPH @biosstrokeneuro @NIHRresearch @OrthoptResearch @TheStrokeAssoc

Wishing our followers a happy Spring and Easter weekend. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the joys that it can bring!

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An interesting #EBM #Evidencebased paper on the benefit of #mindbody practices for #stress

In today's #NeuroSocial group we were delighted to welcome our first guest speaker, @nbinders. Neil has taken his experience after #neurosurgery to support quality of life and mental health. Thank you for attending the session, Neil! To join #NeuroSocial:

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On this page are various products that Innervate have either created or we use as part of the work we do. 


JOIN-UP, which we are in the midst of building and is to be launched later this year, is being piloted through the creation of epilepsy Quality of Life (eQOL). eQOL has been developed as part of our work for the Primary care and Community Neurology (P-CNS) in partnership with Base 8 Innovations and Nutricia, and forms part of a larger project, Join Up, which we will be launching later this year.

For close to 20 years, Innervate has stimulated and supported partnerships between healthcare professionals and patients. Our focus continues to be on optimising quality of life, as highlighted by our latest resource, eQOL (epilepsy Quality of Life).

If you wish to learn more about eQOL and help us support all the great work which epilepsy charities around the world are doing to offer hope for people and families living with epilepsy, then click here to ‘join-up’ today.