Six and half years on

Six and a half years on from living through the trauma of a brain tumour diagnosis I’m so excited to be here today, Thurs 2nd of Sept 2021, in Edinburgh at the annual conference of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine launching the Lifestyle Health Foundation, which will be based from the town of #tonbridge in #Kent, to where I return after the conference

The Lifestyle Health Foundation is a social enterprise that aims to bring a community of people together who wish to learn about lifestyle health and how, especially during the early years of a child’s life, it can prevent many mental and physical health problems. 

The launch of the Foundation marks a significant and personal moment in my life, because during the last few days of my father’s life, in 2020, I promised him I would do my best to “carry on his work for him”. I chose those particular words for a reason. I had learnt that through his life he had been ‘carrying on the work of his sister’ who was a nurse, and significantly older than him. She tragically died when he was a little boy. 

I’m extremely grateful for the support of a great team, who I’m thrilled have come together with me, to enable likeminded people who (in the words of my 14 year old son) believe that ‘contribution creates communities’ to ensure the Lifestyle Health Foundation fulfils its mission.