Halfway up a mountain

Earlier this week I happen to see a question posted on a Facebook group. The member was new to the world of the ketogenic diet and asked for any tips. It got me thinking.

The following are four general tips that came to mind. I’m sure there are many others that people reading this will know of and have used to good effect:

  1. Set what you believe is an achievable goal for your first month and be realistic about it. If you are over ambitious, it will not only impact on how successful you are, but also how you will feel. That then influences whether you continue your journey.

  2. Avoid focusing on the ‘steps being taken’. If you were to keep focusing on the steps you were taking to climb up a mountain then no doubt you would feel it was taking such a long time and then you would tire easily.

  3. Plan to make it a fun journey. ie ‘Be prepared to enjoy the view as you travel up the mountain’. When you reach the top, it’s truly a spectacular view!!! ❤️

  4. But remember, like any well prepared and skilled mountaineer, ensure you are ready for a change in the weather. It may mean a delay, but you should still be able to reach the top.

This just leaves me to explain, in case you’re wondering, why “Halfway up a mountain”?

For me, when you’re looking to make a lifestyle change such as the food choices, it is likely to depend on the person’s starting point. If you are working with someone who enjoys eating, what they believe to be a balanced diet with a good selection of vegetables, along with foods relatively high in carbohydrate, and exercising, they are likely to find it less of a challenge to change to a ketogenic approach, should they desire. That is compared to a person who enjoys a carbohydrate rich diet, a poor selection of vegetables and little exercise.

So if like the former situation, the person is starting half way up the mountain, reaching the summit is likely to be less of a challenge, than if they start right down at base camp.