Expert event planning

Healthcare and medical events in the UK have the potential to generate significant revenue for professional and patient organisations, that can contribute to the overall running costs for the organisations.

With several hundred major events planned throughout the year, with new events added to the schedule each year, it’s clear that medical events have the potential to be extraordinarily successful in the UK. These events attract many people to the towns and cities that host them, and so they are seen as a boon by everyone from local businesses to tourist boards. Of course these healthcare and medical events also help to increase overall awareness of the need to better care for people with certain diseases and conditions in the UK, and so they have a direct, positive effect on public health.

Innervate has been providing various event management services to companies, organisations or individuals for many years and they include:
  • Advise and input into the Conference Programme – content and speaker selection
  • Market research information related to the conference concerning:
  • Marketing – including the co-ordinating and instigating promotional activities to maximise attendance e.g. design and      production / print of promotional literature
  • Identifying and securing sponsorship
  • Preparing accounting information, such as budgets, cash flow and industry statistics prior to the conference
  • Ticket fees, sponsorship income and other conference revenue
  • Conference expenses (including venue hire, speaker expenses, etc)
  • Identifying potential audience, speakers & sponsors
  • Design and production / print of event materials
  • Venue liaison and management
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor bookings and management
  • Speaker selection and management
  • Delegate management (including bookings, correspondence and on-site registration)