How are you feeling?

If, as Marc Brackett eloquently writes in his book, you’ve been given ‘Permission to feel’ then it’s amazing what you can uncover! ❤️

Last evening I wrote an email to those who have taken part in a survey & asked to be kept informed. I wished to thank them for their contribution & let them know that we have a new page built on the Innervate website at

The page is to share some of the initial observations from the survey. Over the last weeks, I’ve looked through the results from a question that asks people to select emotion words. I’ve been filtering the main chart, by key emotion words eg by filtering ‘anxious’ it will then present the frequency (by %) with which other words are selected, by all those who selected anxious. That’s then divided into those who described a significant life event/trauma & those who put n/a to that question ie ‘No Trauma’.

The response so far is relatively low & I know it’s not the perfect ‘research’, but whatever anyone may say about the ‘academic’ value, I believe the observations are hugely insightful. The information can and I hope will, help to bring about change. Like Marc, I wish people to be more carefully listened to & invited to express their feelings through life.