A Right Royal eating behaviour…

I don’t know about you, but when faced with a challenging situation, the old cogwheels start turning and they tend to turn even faster when it relates to a family matter.

This weekend I found myself contemplating how and why an eating habit or behaviour can become unhealthy, with the potential to becoming an ‘eating disorder’.

For whatever reason I suddenly found myself thinking about the recent drama on Netflix which highlighted the problems that the late Princess of Wales, sadly lived with. It just hit me, probably as a result of all the reading I have been doing in connection with Alfred Adler’s individual psychology: When a person is thrust into a style of life that is so radically different to that which they were born into, and the things that we all tend to take for granted, such is our eating habits, are not part of the preparation for the transition to a very different style of life, such as that lived by the Royal Family (and I am not attacking them in any way shape of form) it’s no wonder it will trigger emotions.

When a person like the Princess of Wales or even Meghan Markle went/goes from a life where they are buying and selecting their own food and also cooking it, to one that is, quite literally ‘served up on a plate’; 1) they may not have much say in the matter of what is served and 2) they are expected to ‘digest’ what gets placed down in front of them.

I’m not an expert in eating disorders, but I do have experience of the emotional rollercoaster when life can feel out of control.

Based on that ‘lived experience’ and a lot of recent reading, I tend to think that, like Diana, when something as fundamental as, what and when a person eats is taken out of their control, they are likely to have various emotions driving them to go to all lengths to ensure they ‘feel’ more in control, in order to feed the associated emotions.

I would also be willing to hazard a guess that this radical change in the style of life of Meghan could, in part, help to explain why the Sussexes had the drive to establish an independent life away from the UK.

By way of a PS, after posted this on a Facebook support group: I wish to make it clear that I’m not meaning the Sussexes decision was purely about food. I’m offering a suggestion that it was more about the major change from a life with a significant degree of independence and a life, especially for Meghan, she controlled to one that became more ‘controlled’ and far less independent. I’m certainly not wishing to come across as attack the Royal Family.