Monthly Archives: February 2021

Feeding the roots of life and your microbiome

Spring is definitely in the air, and it’s that time of year when those lucky enough to have a garden and who enjoy growing their own fruit and veg, start preparing the ground. And if you are a keen gardener then you will certainly be familiar with the important step of digging in the compost […]

The lifestyle of a tree and Lifestyle Health

When you stop to look at a tree, do you ever entertain the thought that it has a lifestyle? I’m guessing the answer is likely to be no, as it was for me, up until a few weeks ago. Perhaps if the word is turned around, and it becomes a tree’s ‘style of life’, it […]

His Masters Voice and the King’s Speech

I find it amazing & wonderful how a thought can arise simply because of a single comment that another person just happens to have made in conversation, which is perhaps an e.g. of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. ie the significance of what transpires could only happen because of the […]

Waiting for a bus….

The other evening, I was attempting to think of an analogy that might offer a way to explain the feeling that, for me anyway, is often associated with the anxiety that accompanies the build up to the annual scan to check on a tumour. In my case a brain tumour, but for others it could […]

Living through uncertainty

I wanted to share a thought with you this morning. The realisation starting to hit me that I am feeling a little more anxious at the moment. I then accepted that I find this time of year a little tricky. The weather doesn’t help, especially when it is a rather grey and overcast sky, which […]