Genes and Life: Unlocking the code to health and living’ is a video programme which Innervate Ltd created in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire and was funded by Roche. It was purposely designed to offer the viewer the option of either going straight to the question that interests them or they can watch it in its entirety.The total length of the programme is under 20 minutes. 

The questions that the programme offers answers to sit within three main sections. Click on any of the video icons under a question to view the answer:

Genes and Health

What are genes?

Why should we know more about our genes?
What is a genetic disease?
How might genes impact on my health?
How can I find out if I am risk of developing a genetic disease?
If I am at risk what can I do?

Genetic Test – The Facts

What sort of information can I get from a test?
How would I enquire about taking a genetic test?
What can I do about my genes?

Genes and the Future of Medicine

How might genes impact the safety and effectiveness of medicine?
How can genes be used as a therapy for disease?
How might genes influence the development of more targeted medicines?